Today i ll be reviewing 3 maybelline products which includes a face studio blush, gel eyeliner and super stay 24 longwear matte powder hope you guys benefit  by my review

lets do this !!


I recently got this powder from a drugstore its called superstay 24 longwear matte powder in the shade 40 fawn, it is so amazing to use as it is waterproof it stays in place for quite a long time, i loved the texture of it as i can even use it without foundation because it just works like a foundation and stays longer. I am quite impressed with the product’s packaging it comes in a white container with a little sponge to apply the powder with, i ll for sure buy this next time loved it.


I have this blush in the shade 100 Peach pop and as the colour says it, its a very peachish shade but way too pigmented just a little bit of it on the cheeks goes long way,perfect for a spring and summer looks, i think its way too affordable for such pigmented product, didnt quite liked the packaging but i think its worth to buy it because its quite cheaper compared to other drugstore products.


I own this in the shade 01 black this comes in a plastic like tiny container with brush, loved the formula of it very dark and rich if applied stays for more than 8 hours, i personally didnt like the brush it came with as i like to use very thin brush to apply my liner, but the brush which comes with this can be used to smudge out the lower lash line. Quite impressed with the formula of it and it lasts longer if stored properly.




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  1. cyedaly says:

    Hi Nikki! Some products, including Maybelline, are reported to contain Toxins or other harmful substances, which can cause irritation or such problems. Did you notice such detrimental effects by yourself?


    1. hey cyedaly, i have been hearing quite alot about brands having toxins and other harmful substances in their product but honestly people nowadays have hardly so much time to actually go and do research on the substances they use as we are so busy in our daily living, but honestly i have been using maybelline from quite sometime now say it around 2-3 years and it never caused me any irritation or any bad effects.

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  2. cyedaly says:

    Hi Nikki, thanks for replying 🙂 Actually harmful substances are reported to be an essential ingredient of modern products that’s why I asked. If you face something like this, please share with us. Thanks


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