HI TO MY LOVELIES OUT THERE !! Today i will be reviewing on these two HIGH-END PRODUCTS ‘MASCARAS’ .. Dior Show Black Out and Sephora Outrageous Curl Dramatic Volume And Curl Mascara šŸ˜€ basically i am going to differentiate between these two high-end mascaras as per my own experience and i want you guys to know which product WORKED so far BEST !!! i am really really very excited to share my experience with all of YOU ā¤ so lets JUMP TO IT !!!! 17547684_831916540282943_1447607897_o

DIORSHOW  BLACK OUT : This mascara grasps the power of a BLACK KOHL FOR EXTREMELY INTENSE black look to your lashes but girls the only DRAWBACK to this product is that it does not give that perfect FINISH OR END UP LOOK to your eyes.Your lashes will just lock up all together and create such a dark mess.This mascara feels so damn heavy on your lashes and the material that product contains is VERY VERY THICK !however it is great for a night on the town when you are doing the WHOLE FAKE LASHES OR NOD LOOK ..but for an every day mascara GIRLS better watch out!!


OUTRAGEOUS CURL ( dramatic volume and curve mascara ): The thing i want my onlookers to know about me is that i am a totally mascara girl and i am always on the hunt of the good mascara and that is why on my recent visit to SEPHORA i picked up the SEPHORA OUTRAGEOUS CURL MASCARA it sounded so tempting that i could not resist buying it and here it goes i did not regret by spending my money on this product.It is super LIGHTWEIGHT MASCARA that gives the perfect natural look to your eyes it feels like you have not used any mascara at all!!!The best part of this mascara is that it does not mess around or mix up all your lashes together unlike DIOR’s MASCARA .The volume to this mascara is high with the perfect curly natural touch.It is every day kind of mascara without any heaviness on your eyes.


MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE : So as far from my personal experience i would rather recommend SEPHORA OUTRAGEOUS CURL (dramatic volume and curve mascara) over DIORSHOW BLACK OUT MASCARA and i would like to rate them both (DIOR’s MASCARA  4 out of 10) and (SEPHORA’s MASCARA 8 out of 10) i hope my review will help you out sweeties to spend your money wisely šŸ™‚ !!




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  1. cyedaly says:

    Hi, Heena I’m from Germany. According to a survey of German TV channel, the products of Dior are the best among all, isn’t so? Would you suggest Sephora in lieu of that? What about other products like MAC, L’Oreal etc?


    1. Hi cyedaly
      Yes it is so true that Dior products are of much better quality and material as per my experience however i am really not satisfied with dior’s mascara since it does not give a radiant look what i felt is that dior’s mascara is thicker and heavier but yeah its good for those who wants to put on heavy makeup or wants to give fake lashes look to their eyes
      And I would definitely suggest you sephora’s mascara instead of dior’s it is so smooth and so lightweight and giving such perfect curly look to your lashes personally i dont think so every high-end product serves as a good quality makeup they do have drawbacks as well as advantages so its all about trying it and experimenting it by yourself not every high-end products produces all the perfect makeup they do have some flaws and thats why i am here to help everybody out there
      And i will surely give reviews on the other products you have mentioned below once i will test them by myself šŸ™‚ thankyou for asking if you are facing any problem or confusion regarding makeup you can ask me i would love to render my help

      WITH LOVE ā¤

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  2. cyedaly says:

    Thanks Heena for such a detailed reply. Share your test with photos, if possible so that we can compare the result šŸ™‚


    1. Your most welcome CyedAly and yeah for sure ^^

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  3. cyedaly says:

    Are there more Pakistani or Indian products like Sephora? So far as I know, there’s none except the one I heard of and it’s been launched by Atiqa Odho. I think, Mac is more popular than Dior and Sephora in Asia.


    1. Hi cyedaly hope you are doing fine ^^ well
      Sephora itself is a foreign brand which holds many other makeup brands within it.It is not a pakistani or indian brand. I will see Atiqa Odho’s product very soon.
      Yeah you are right Mac products are really very famous around the world.


  4. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Makeup Muse,
    I appreciate you checking out my blog Reflections, but I blog at MostlyBlogging.com now. I hope you will check out my current site MostlyBlogging.com. I have 10 networking events each month including blog parties and over 600 articles.

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    1. MAKEUP MUSE says:

      Hi Janice šŸ™‚
      surely i will visit ^^ and put forward your blogs to my friends circle either.Great wishes for you and your blogs.

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      1. Janice Wald says:

        Thank you for your reply. Thank you for letting your friends know about my website mostlyblogging.com

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      2. MAKEUP MUSE says:

        Hi Janice ^^
        your most welcome.


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