1. Hi pretty ladies 😀 once again we are here with another MAYBELLINE’s product review that is ”eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner” girls what i personally think is that eyeliner is the MOST important part of your eye makeup. Eyeliner really helps to give your eyes dramatic shape or look. If you are too lazy or not in a mood to apply any of your eye shadows or getting late to be somewhere either it is your friend’s birthday party or a office meeting etc…you can simply go with an eyeliner look and i swear ^^ eyeliner itself looks so pretty and so manageable!!. And when you are out there in a desire of perfect liner i would be very happy to suggest you guys about maybelline’s eye studio lasting drama gel liner.                                        THE REASONS WHY I WILL RECOMMEND YOU THIS EYELINER:
    17692876_835770476564216_159797934_o1. It is very pigmented which helps to prominent your eyes more neatly.
  2. Water Proof and having long lasting gel formula that achieves dramatic eye looks.
  3. This liner is suitable for contact lens wearers and people with sensitive eyes.
  4. It is completely oil-free , smudge proof and ophthalmologist tested

you guys can apply this liner with any of your favourite gel eyeliner brush such as fine flick,tight line,cat’s eye etc.. but glide the gel liner along lash line from the inner to outer corner of the eyes.

And girls be slowly and steady when you are applying a eyeliner specially gel liner for a neat finish.Fast performance will always give a disorganized look to your eyes.It will only take few minutes out of your precious time to apply on your eyes.

RATING THIS GEL LINER ACCORDING TO MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I will rate this gel liner 8 out of 10 !! ❤ because it gives intense black look and way smoother when you apply it 🙂
i totally LOVE this gel liner ❤ I hope my this review will help you out sweeties ❤



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  1. cyedaly says:

    Hi Heena, where do you get such pics?


    1. Hi Cyedaly
      I take them by myself 😌

      Liked by 1 person

      1. cyedaly says:

        They are really beautiful (y)


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