Hi Lovelies,

We all want a good and healthy skin be it before applying makeup or after removing it to keep our skin feeling fresh and hydrated. So today i ll be reviewing 2 products from my make up routine which i personally love and use all the time, NIVEA’S SOOTHING TONER and NIVEA’S FACE AND BODY CREAM.



I have been using this toner from quite a while now say it a year now and it really helps keep my skin feeling fresh and hydrated after a long makeup day, I use it after removing my makeup and cleaning my face before going to sleep and after waking up, you just have to take a cotton pad and pour little bit of it and massage it all over your face, it helps in balancing the PH level of the skin and tones it down deeply, it comes in dry to sensitive skin so keeping ur skin type in mind its a good choice if you have a dry or sensitive skin.


I always use this to moisturize my face always before using any kind of foundation it has a great smell and moisturizes my face very nicely, this cream can even be used on a body as it is a face and body cream, it is called natural fairness cream it comes with vitamin E and some berry extracts Vitamin E works the best as an anti aging process and wrinkles. i even use this cream in the morning after wake up and wash my face to help keep my face moisturized. overall love this cream alot as it doesnt make skin too oily also.

Feel free to drop down any comments or queries about any products, would love to help you all ❤






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