Hello Girls!
In my earlier post i had mentioned these high-end products mascaras.Yesterday i put on these high-end products in order that i may reveal the result.For that purpose i am using the photo of my own eyes to manifest the difference between these two products.The left eye of mine(see from left to right)is wearing the mascara of DIOR and the right one is having the mascara of SEPHORA.As you can see Dior mascara is way more thicker and the lashes are messed up with one another as compare to Sephora one which is completely lightweight and gives prominence to each eyelash and smooth curl.
Girls this is the contrast whereof i spoke last time.

I hope my demonstration would render you help.

Share your views in the comment-box  🙂



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  1. cyedaly says:

    True, the right eye is well-defined. Is the mascara of Sephora the best among all?


    1. MAKEUP MUSE says:

      thankyou soo much ❤

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  2. Batwoman says:

    Sephora all the way! ❤️️
    Although I’m new to the concept of mascara, gotta say you’re absolutely right!
    Ps, you have beautiful eyes ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MAKEUP MUSE says:

      Thank You so much ❤ this is one of the sweetest comments ^^ i am glad that you got an idea about mascaras through my demonstration ❤ ^^

      Liked by 1 person

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