Hello girls and boys !! We all come across with many different moisturizers in our daily lives which helps to nourish our skin.Moisturizing your skin on daily basis plays an essential role to prevent our skin from getting dehydrated,dull,hard, and cracked.17968798_844296062378324_496408498_o.jpgVASELINE JELLY:Vaseline (original) is also called Vaseline jelly, petroleum jelly or ”WONDER JELLY”.This product is engaged in our daily routine.Vaseline helps to moisturize our skin from dryness.It tackles the dryness from inside out.It soften the pores and gives really smooth texture to the area you are having pores such as your nose etc.This jelly is also beneficial when you are suffering from any rashes or facing some healing problems.Vaseline starts to show the result so fast that once you apply it on the healing part and gives you a satisfying relief.Vaseline leaves your skin feeling soft and supple.Vaseline can be also be used for dry cracked hands to hard skin on heels.Vaseline comes up with many beauty tips such as softening lips,highlighting cheekbones,shaping your eyebrows,giving shine to your nails,makeup remover,to rub off lipstick stains,helps to let your baby hair stay firm,hair moisturizer and provide thicker and longer eyelashes by applying it regularly for 2 weeks.Apply petroleum jelly to your teeth to help you get a flawless white smile.

VASELINE COCOA RADIANT:This product of Vaseline comes up with new innovation of cocoa butter in it.Vaseline cocoa radiant is a cream moisturizer.Once you apply this on your hands or any other part of your body this lotion will absorb so fast and gives you a non-greasy feel to the skin.The cocoa butter in it helps to heal the dry skin deeply to reveal skin’s natural glow.This lotion contains a mix smell of chocolate and butter that comes up with a really strong and mesmerizing fragrance.Vaseline cocoa radiant is also having  micro droplets of Vaseline Jelly.These are one of the best Vaseline’s daily care products to apply on your skin.

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  1. cyedaly says:

    Thanks, it’s very informative 🙂

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  2. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Heena,
    I met you at Jason’s Meet and Greet. I came to meet and greet you. In response to what you wrote, I love Sephora. I wanted to tell you on your Sephora article, but I’m commenting here instead.
    I read you are new to blogging. Congratulations on starting your blog recently. I help new bloggers at my site. Maybe you can check out my blog if you need any blogging tips. That’s what I write about. I also host 10 blogging events each month where you could network and meet new readers.

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  3. MAKEUP MUSE says:

    Hi Janice 🙂
    hope you are doing fine ^^
    Thank you Janice for your kind words and appreciation towards our blog.This means a lot to us.I hope you gonna love our upcoming reviews too.
    surely i will look forward to your blog site.


  4. MAKEUP MUSE says:

    Hi Daniel ^^
    you must try the cocoa one its superb ❤ !!


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