Hi gorgeous !! as we all know that naked is one of the best high-end product in the market which comes up with many neutral shades that gives your eyes a natural makeup look.If you are not at all a lover of bright colours then this palette is what all you need.18052500_848469765294287_1661023823_o 18110327_848469775294286_1768114292_o.jpgCOLOURS OF THIS PALETTE:

  • VIRGIN (basically it is white with slight of creamy touch in it)
  • SIN (it is mixture of white and pink)
  • NAKED (this colour is named after its brand having a sandy touch)
  • SIDECAR (light brown shade containing shimmer)
  • BUCK (dark brown colour)
  • HALF BAKED (golden shimmer)
  • SMOG (golden colour with slightly of khaki in it)
  • DARK HORSE (khaki involved with a bit of dark brown and black)
  • TOASTED (filled with medium Pink shade)
  • HUSTLE (mixture of black and purple that gives a dark purple look)
  • CREEP (black colour)
  • GUNMETAL (grey colour) 

There are only TWO matte colours and TEN shimmer shades in this palette.EIGHT colours are incredibly neutral and FOUR comes up with a bit of darkness.These shades are not extremely pigmented but good to wear for a daily routine makeup.But if you want them to pop up your eyes so you can apply several layers of the shades on your lids to get them look a bit of pigmented but otherwise they work best!! The packaging of this palette is superb that captures your attraction immensely.Its is packaged in a velvety brown exteriors which makes it look sleek and sophisticated and the brand name NAKED is written on the top of the packaging.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before applying any of your eye shadows on your lids keep in your mind that you should always plump up your eyes with any daily moisturizer that suits your skin and then go with a eye shadow base and spread that all over on your both lids and wait until it is completely absorb within your skin then start doing your eye makeup.

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  1. StoriLines says:

    Love this!! Will have to look for it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MAKEUP MUSE says:

      Sure ^^ and let us know how did you feel about this palette ♥️


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