Hello lovelies,

Today i ll be reviewing few of the mac products which includes the highlighter,foundation and a beautiful blusher, i have been thinking to review the highlighter from a quite long time but i got the foundation and blusher recently so thought i would review all the mac products together.

well let me be very honest with you guys these are my first mac products and i am already loving them as from the time i have started using makeup and loving it i have always been using drugstore products more than high end brands so these are my very first mac products and i am loving them already.

Now without further a do lets start by reviewing products one by one



Firstly i ll start with the packaging of the highlighter it comes with the nice magnetic snap closure easy to open and close, which is very cute and very travel friendly as well found the packaging very classy and chic, now lets talk about the texture its very pigmented and buttery formula which just glides on your face like a butter it looks like its a golden highlighter but when you actually apply it, it gives out a nice pinkish sheer with a golden shade which looks simply beautiful and stay on your face for almost 5-6 hours, i am completely in love with this product, if i could i can apply this highlighter all over my body i love it so much haha sorry. The best part about this product is that i feel its going to last me really long time seeing the amount of the product it actually comes with 10 gms of product which is quite more for the highlighter, this shade is perfect for all skin types.




This foundation is the best for dry skin as its very moisturising to skin and doesnt even dry out the skin, its even suitable for combination skin if you set it properly with a setting powder or any translucent powder it works best.

I have it in the shade NC 30 and as it comes with SPF 15 and i have usually noticed that the foundations which comes with SPF tends to become one shade lighter after an hour of applying, it is light to medium coverage if you have little dark circles it gives an amazing coverage even without using concealer.

Loved the packaging it comes with 30 ML of product in it which is quite more as you need very little amount of it, It comes with a pimp bottle.

The pump will give you different amounts of product depending on how you press it. It can be locked, so I toss it into bag on my frequent trips – it never caused any problems.







I recently got my hands on this gorgeous powder blush in shade fleur power it is so pigmented that if you apply a little amount of it goes a long way.

MAC’s Powder Blush formula is supposed to be easy to apply, long-wearing, and have “fantastic colour.” It’s hard to generalize for MAC’s blush formula, because it varies a lot from shade to shade, even within different types of finishes! Some of them are very good, others are so-so, and a few are complete misses. The more frosted/shimmery shades tend to have the softest and smoothest textures and are easier to apply and blend out on the skin, while more satin and matte shades can sometimes be powdery, firm, or stiff, which makes blending more challenging. The wear is typically between six and nine hours but closer to seven to eight hours on average. Fleur Power had semi-sheer to semi-opaque, buildable coverage with a somewhat powdery consistency, even though it felt very fine and smooth to the touch. The color blended out nicely on the skin, and the color looked even with a natural matte finish that didn’t read flat but wasn’t shimmery or shiny either. It wore well for seven and a half hours on me before fading.

– Nikki ❤






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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love MAC. Looking forward to your future content.
    Stop by my space sometime,
    Mena | ✨🌻

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    1. MAKEUP MUSE says:

      Thanks alot for reading our content. Glad you like it. for sure we will check it out. 🙂


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